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Profile - Chemcoat - Concrete floor coatings Melbourne
Example - Chemcoat - Concrete floor coatings MelbourneChemcoat is a long established industrial flooring company specializing in all facets of industrial flooring.

It represents the consolidation of a group of people from within the specialized flooring industry who understand the market requirements for reliable and competitive flooring installations.

Chemcoat provide a full professional service from floor requirement/design advice, testing, through the preparation and installation process and correct cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Chemcoat use materials manufactured in Australia by major accredited suppliers of which Chemcoat have achieved "master" of "preferred" applicator certification. We also have our own unique range of floor preparation equipment that makes Chemcoat extremely versatile and adaptive to most client requirements.

Our commitment to quality and prompt service has made Chemcoat a leading quality flooring contractor in today's market.

Chemcoat has successfully installed many flooring systems in all facets of industry type including:

Food & beverage Printing industry
Motor industry Distribution centres
Manufacturing Warehousing
Chemical storage Leisure centres
Film studios Workshops

It is our familiarity with these industries that provide us with the knowledge of the specific client requirements. Whether it is hygiene, safety, ease of cleaning or meeting specific health or AQUIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) standards we can tailor a flooring system to your requirements.

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